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Children's desk

/ Category - desk


> 素材 - 滋賀県産 ホオ(オイル仕上),真鍮製つまみ

> 寸法 - W1000 D500 H720



A custom work desk made of solid wood for children designed at the request of our customers. We received a request that it can be used not only in the children's room but also in the living room and can be moved, and that the universal shape keeps costs down. For the drawer, a groove is carved on the side plate without using metal fittings, and a hanging bar with a simple mechanism is adopted, in which a crosspiece that matches the groove is attached and taken in and out. By using Shiga Prefecture's hoo, which is a combination of natural turquoise and grayish white, we designed a desk that emphasizes the unique look of hoo in a universal shape.

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