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今村 俊太

デザイナー / studio rain 代表


Shunta Imamura

Designer / studio rain

Focusing on product design for furniture and daily necessities, he works on various tasks such as planning, direction, and accompanying graphic design. Because of the influence of my grandfather who managed a domestic furniture store, I became blessed with the opportunity to come in contact with various materials from an early age and became interested in things around me. Inspired by the charm of handcrafted goods, influenced by Kanazawa's crafts, one of the nation's leading craft cities. After graduating from university, he works with a wide range of creators and hands from handicrafts, writers and craftsmen in Kyoto.

1991   石川県生まれ

2015   金沢美術工芸大学製品デザイン科 卒業

2015-20    デザイン事務所[京都] 勤務

2020   studio rain 設立

1991   Born in Ishikawa Prefecture Japan

2015   Graduated from Kanazawa College of Art

2015-20  Worked at a design office in Kyoto

2020   Established studio rain



2016​   肥前吉田焼デザインコンペティション 準グランプリ

2017   第9回 雪のデザイン賞 入選

2017   ​工芸都市高岡クラフトコンペティション 審査員賞

2017   信州デザインコンペ 入選

2017   第8回 家具デザインコンテスト 準グランプリ

2017   秋田市工芸デザインコンペ 入選

2020   DAIWA 第二回アイデア家具コンテスト 入賞

2021   工芸都市高岡クラフトコンペティション 入選



2016   Hizen Yoshida Yaki Design Competition 2016 / second prize

2017   The 9th Snow Design Award / winner

2017   Craft Competition in Takaoka / special recognition award

2017   Shinshu Design Competition / winner

2017   8th Furniture Design Contest / second prize

2017   Craft Design Competition in Akita / winner

2020   DAIWA 2nd Idea Furniture Contest / winner

2021   Craft Competition in Takaoka / winner


2017   肥前吉田焼デザインコンペティション成果発表展 / 東京

2017   工芸都市高岡2017クラフト展 / 富山

2017-18    第9回 雪のデザイン賞入選作品展 / 石川

2018   工芸都市高岡2018クラフト展 別プロジェクト / 富山


2017   Hizen Yoshida Yaki Design Competition Exhibition / Tokyo

2017   Craft Competition in Takaoka Exhibition / Toyama

2017-18    9th Snow Design Award Exhibition / Ishikawa

2018   Craft Competition in Takaoka Exhibition / Toyama

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