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Copper cup and saucer

/ Category - Cup and saucer



> 素材 - 銅, 錫

> 寸法 - Cup_W96 D65 H90

    - Saucer(S)_W110 D110 H15

    - Saucer(M)_W200 D110 H15

> 生産地 - 京都府

A cup and saucer made with the technique of forging. The mouth is based on a soft oval shape, contrasting a vertically long cup with a flat saucer to give it a modern taste. The cup is conscious of forms such as mugs and mugs, and suits various drinks. The good heat conduction of copper makes it possible to taste even colder drinks. The saucer can be imagined as a confectionery plate with confectionery, and you can enjoy coffee and chocolate, beer and edamame, wine and cheese in any combination. The concave portion of the saucer is finished with a fine hammer to keep the cup from slipping due to friction.

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