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Roll pot

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> 素材 - 磁器 *無釉仕上, 色化粧土仕上

> 寸法 - Pot_Φ155 H128

    - Bowl_Φ192 H76

> 生産地 - 佐賀県嬉野市

> 作り手 - 副千製陶所

> 販売店 -

A porcelain planter that can rotate the pot and freely adjust its direction in the direction of light. The pot dish wraps around a round bowl-shaped flowerpot and changes shape by gently receiving the rotation. The material is plain porcelain with a plain matte finish with a non-glazed finish, and only the inside of the bowl has a color makeup soil finish derived from the typical polka-dot tea ware of Hizen Yoshida ware. Originally, by applying a transparent glaze and sintering, the color of the colored earth changes to dark blue, but since this product is not glazed, it has a deep green color. In addition, when the ceramic is finished with glaze, the surface is covered with glass, so that it is easily scratched and conspicuous. However, since the clay is made of soil, scratches due to abrasion are hardly conspicuous. The strong contrast between white and green has a modern impression and is easy to match with various interiors.

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