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Wooden baby rattle

/ Category - Baby rattle


> 素材 - オーク, ウォールナット *素地仕上

> 寸法 - W75 D18 H55

> 生産地 - 京都府

A solid baby rattle designed as a gift to a nephew who is 3 months old. The simple shape based on a round bar and a ball is rustic and nostalgic, and you can feel the warmth of the tree with your palms by grasping it. When the rattle swings from side to side, the wooden ball emits a pleasant sound, stimulating the baby's hearing. It is a harmless and gentle natural material that can be used as a hardening tooth. It has no finish so that it can be safely contained in the mouth of the baby. It can be washed, dried and used repeatedly.

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